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How We Make Twible Secure?

Twible understands that your safety is important. Keeping that in mind, we have embedded an end-to-end encryption function, which means that your calls, messages and all your conversations are safe and secure.

Twible is Safe and Secure

Twible keeps your friends and family close to you. You share photos, videos, and have all kinds of conversations. Twible is with you through difficult times too, as you stay in touch with them during natural disasters. Twible also helps you get in touch with people you hadn’t been in contact with. All this means that Twible is a part of your most personal moments, and keeping that in mind we have an end-to-end encryption function in the app which keeps your messages and everything else safe and secure

Protection from the Start

Twible’s end-to-end encryption feature is by default activated as soon as you start using it. While several messaging apps offer this feature, Twible goes a step ahead and ensures that the conversations remain completely private. The messages or any other information cannot be accessed by anyone, and that includes Twible. Your messages are protected by a special ‘lock’ feature that encrypts the message between you and the ones you talk to. You don’t need to follow any instructions to activate this function, as Twible offers this protection by default

Your Calls are Secure

The calls made through Twible are secured by end-to-end encryption feature, which ensures that no third party gets access to it. Talk freely.

Your Messages Belong to You

Twible doesn’t store any messages from your end, and they stay between you and the recipient. Once the messages are delivered, they are erased from our servers.

Check For Yourself

You can check for yourself if end-to-end encryption is in place. Just tap on the ‘end-to-end encryption’ on top of the chat window.

For more information feel free to contact us: contact@twible.com

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